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Dine with Claude Monet at his home in Giverny

“I thought Monet’s Palate truly delightful”
Sir Harold Evans

Watching the film “Monet's Palate”, with a narration by Meryl Streep, you will embark on a culinary tour of Claude Monet's beloved Normandy... A region of France just north of Paris along the Seine River. This region inspired Monet’s passion for art and his passion for fine cuisine. Both of Monet’s palates met at this home in Giverny surrounded by his beautiful gardens…

“I was not surprised to discover that Monet was a gastronome; I imagined he would be a lover of all the seductive arts. As I watched this film, I found myself transported to the gardens of Giverny; their lush and fragrant varietals abloom; I was hoping to be invited to lunch in the gentle air, dining on French cherries, and apricots, peaches and nectarines, perhaps some melon, pear or plum sorbet.”