NEW BOOK: Everyday Monet


Celebrate Claude Monet’s world of art,
cuisine, gardens and entertaining

A world where you will walk in the footsteps of Claude Monet; his gardens, his art,
his love of food and drink and passion for entertaining.

A Collaboration Like No Other

Monet's Pallette fragrance Bottle and Candle

This inspired collaboration between two skilled artists – Master Painter, Claude Monet and Master Perfumer, Nathalie Lorson lead to an outstanding Eau de Parfum & candle that has brought Claude Monet’s renowned painting of The Garden at Giverny to life.

The elegantly faceted glass bottle encased within a carefully crafted wooden box and the equally elegant glass-cut candle vessel reflect the same light Monet longed for in his beautiful paintings and garden... more›

Everyday Monet

A Giverny-Inspired Gardening and Lifestyle Guide
to Living Your Best Impressionist Life

Monet's Palate Buy the Cookbook

Bring Monet’s paintings and gardens to life using this gorgeously illustrated book that will teach you how to create a Monet lifestyle from your living room to your kitchen to your garden—from the documentarian and author of Monet's Palate Cookbook, with the support of the American steward and all the head gardeners at Giverny.

Aileen Bordman has long been influenced by the work of Claude Monet, one of the founders of French Impressionist painting whose esteemed works capturing the simple beauties of fin de siécle French life—from waterlilies to haystacks—have fetched astonishing sums at private auction houses and can be found in the greatest art museums around the globe. With direct access to Giverny through a pair of insiders… more›

“Aileen has captured the essence of Giverny in the beautiful text and photography of Everyday Monet. ” — Meryl Streep

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