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Meet the Chefs of Monet's Palate

Roger Vergé - Chef from Monet's Palate
  • Le Moulin de Mougins
  • 06250 Mougins, France
  • 04 93 75 78 24

Roger Verge

Chef Vergé is a Master French Chef counted as one of the best alongside such peers as Paul Bocuse and Gaston Lenôtre. In 1969 Chef Vergé opened the now renowned Michelin rated restaurant Moulin de Mougins in the south of France. It was a privilege and an honor to have Chef Vergé appear in "Monet's Palate."

Alice Waters; - Chef from Monet's Palate
  • Chez Panisse
  • 1517 Shattuck Ave
  • Berkeley, CA 94709
  • 510.548.5525
  • Café Fanny
  • 1603 San Pablo Ave
  • Berkeley, CA 94709
  • 510.526.7664

Alice Waters

Chef, author, restaurateur and culinary visionary, Alice Waters has defined a movement among chefs advocating sustainable agriculture. As exemplified at her famed restaurant CHEZ PANISSE in Berkeley, California, her philosophy ensures that the very best in cuisine is brought to the table. Chef Waters brings to Monet's Palate her love and dedication to the beauty found in the natural abundance of her table, just like Monet.

Michel Richard - Chef from Monet's Palate
  • Citronelle
  • 3000 M Street, N.W.
  • Washington, D.C. 20007
  • 202.625.2150

Michel Richard

Chef Richard first came to New York in 1974 as the Executive Chef for the American outpost of the renowned Gaston Le Notre’s French pastry shop. Chef Richard eventually opened his famed restaurant CITRUS in Los Angeles and then created the much-heralded restaurant CITRONELLE, where Presidents and dignitaries dine. Michel's humor and passion as a chef are apparent in "Monet's Palate."

Remy Funfrock - Chef from Monet's Palate

Remy Funfrock

Chef Funfrock is a native of Lyon, France and has worked along side Roger Vergé at the Michelin rated restaurant Moulin de Mougins. In 1997 Remy came to the U.S. to join Daniel Boulud as the Executive Pastry Chef for DANIEL and in 1998 became the Executive Pastry Chef at CAFÉ BOULUD. Remy's passion for pastry, and the great artistry it requires, was beautifully demonstrated in “Monet's Palate.”

Claude Guermont - Chef from Monet's Palate
  • Le Pavillon
  • 230 Salt Point Turnpike
  • Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
  • 845.473.2525

Claude Guermont

Chef Guermont is a native of the region of Normandy, France. His culinary talents in French kitchens led him to the Culinary Institute of America where he was a chef and instructor. Chef Guermont then went on to open the acclaimed Norman Restaurant, LE PAVILLON. He is the recipient of a 1986 James Beard Award for the “Normandy Table”, a book dedicated to the food, culture, and recipes of his native region. Chef Guermont's expertise in Norman cuisine was invaluable to the film.

Daniel Boulud - Chef from Monet's Palate
  • Daniel
  • 60 East 65th Street
  • New York, NY 10021
  • 212.288.0033

Daniel Boulud

Chef Boulud was raised in Lyon, France, a mecca for fine cuisine. He trained under the renowned chefs Roger Vergé, George Blanc, and Michel Guérard. Chef Boulud was the Executive Chef at New York’s Le Cirque until 1993 when he opened the magnificent DANIEL located on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Since then, he has completed his trilogy of fine restaurants with the openings of CAFÉ BOULUD and db BISTRO. Chef Boulud’s passion for his art is well represented in "Monet’s Palate."

Anne Willan - Chef from Monet's Palate
  • La Varenne
  • at Chateau Du Fey
  • 89300 Villecien, France
  • 1.800.537.6486

Anne Willan

Anne is a leading culinary authority specializing in the various cuisine's of France. In 1975 she founded La Varenne, the famous cooking school with programs in the United States and France, and has written numerous cookbooks which have garnered international acclaim. Anne Willan has served as the President of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and is a board member of COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts in Napa Valley, California. Anne's first hand knowledge of Normandy and its cuisine were invaluable in the making of "Monet's Palate."

Anton Edelmann - Chef from Monet's Palate

Anton Edelmann

In 1982 Chef Edelmann became MaÎtre Chef des Cuisine at THE SAVOY after having worked with some of the world's most renowned chefs. The Savoy has one of the world's largest kitchens and Chef Edelmann has received many awards and accolades during his tenure. Anton brought his enthusiasm and skill, from The Escoffier kitchen he now heads, to the preparation of Monet's favored “Yorkshire Pudding.”

Maurice Amiot - Chef from Monet's Palate
  • La Bonne Marmite
  • 10, rue Rene-Raban
  • 27360 Pont-Saint-Pierre, France
  • 02 32 49 70 24

Maurice Amiot

Chef Amiot is the acclaimed Norman Chef who, alongside his wife Denise, and daughter Caroline, created magic in the kitchen of LA BONNE MARMITE. Chef Amiot's traditional Norman cuisine is sought out by visitors from around the world. His preparation of an apple tart in honor of Claude Monet, who adored the Norman specialty, was a culinary feast for the eyes in "Monet's Palate."